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Products & Services


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Labour Supply



Wooden Pallets

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​ COVID-19 Defences
Hostel Services
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 Transportation Services
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Factory Repairs & Maintenance
Waste Material Recycle
Building Material
Tools & Machinery


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Logistics Services

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Disinfectant Spray Booth

We supply Disinfection Spray Booths for full-body sanitation in the workplace - industrial, office, or general purposes. 

​Silica sand & River sand 

We supply Malaysia high purity natural raw silica sand for local supply and export.

Liquor & Beer Import
Hofbrauhaus Freising,Germany Beer-slow Brewing ,gentle brewing, slow ripening, peaceful and pleasurable enjoyment.We use only the purest ingredients from the region: hops from the Hallertau, Bavarian malts and yeast from our own pure cultivation. 


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