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Our Strengths


 01 Product Quality
  • The quality and suitability of the product is non-compromising.   However, with higher quality and durability the product is usually more expensive.   Due to budget constraints, customer may sometimes require lower quality product.  We shall provide options to them accordingly


 02 Pricing

  • Pricing does not only vary with quality, but also with volume and payment terms.  In some cases, we compile the quantity and buy in bulks to keep the cost low.  Besides, we may also buy in cash to keep the cost low, but provide payment terms to our customers accordingly.



 03 Consistency of Supply

  • Many a time supply comes in batches and only available for a limited time period only.  Thus, we help to keep stock for our customers and supply to them when they needed.  In some cases, we may work with a few sources to ensure that the supply is consistent.


 04 After Sales Service
  • We provide warranty for the product that we are supplying to our customers. Furthermore, the product that we supplied may not be suitable and we can offer replacements.   Our team is on standby 24/7 to help our customers with any issues arising with the use of our products.  

 05 Reachability
  • Malaysia is one of the countries that has the most public holiday in the region.   Understand that the economy is competitive now and information is key to success.  Thus, we are available round the clock and on public holiday to provide quotation and advises to our customers.

 06 Payment Terms

  • Most corporate clients require payment terms.  The process to issue payments are lengthy as several departments need to check and endorse.  We add value to our customer by giving them payment terms after goods and services are supplied, so as to ensure no hiccups in their day to day operations.

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